MITReG (Microbiology and Infection Translational Research Group) is a Registered Research Group (RRG) funded by NISCHR in 2009.
It is a growing consortium of active researchers in the fields of microbiology and infection from institutions across Wales and South West of England including Cardiff University (Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Biosciences), Swansea University, Public Health Wales, Bangor University, University of South Wales, Cardiff Metropolitian University, Bristol University, Aberystwyth University, Exeter University, North Bristol NHS Trust, and, Bristol Regional HPA Laboratory.

The aim of MITReG is to promote collaboration between researchers involved in all aspects of infection and microbiology research, from basic science through to clinical delivery to promote high quality translational research in this area. This is to be achieved by:

  • Establishment of a network of researchers across Wales and South West England
  • Development of Research Development Groups
  • Support for the development of research proposals
  • Support for taking projects through the Research Governance Framework
  • Support in registration of projects with NISCHR-CRC portfolio
  • Support for projects in accessing NISCHR-CRC support resources (eg research nurse time, data input etc)


The measures of success for the Group will be:

  • Successful grants
  • Publications arising from supported research
  • Implementation of novel diagnostics, therapies or algorithms into routine clinical practice
For more information on joining MITReG please email